Top 7 First Date Ideas For Single Seniors

fThe “first date” is the stepping stone to every relationship. As couples, young and old, gear up for this day they earnestly wish not to mess up. Single seniors believe it is harder for them because age brings in multiple restrictions. They search for ideas that are fun and enjoyable yet age appropriate.

If you are a single senior with a first date scheduled in the coming week, remember age is merely a number. First date ideas for single seniors can be as exciting as picking up your girlfriend in your dad’s car, driving her to the movies and wrapping up the evening with a sumptuous meal. You can plan similar events; only tweak it to suit both your interests.

So, it’s time to be young again. Here are 7 ideas to enjoy your first date and wow your partner.

1. Dinner and movie:

This is a classic first date idea for seniors. Young couples too choose “dinner and movie” when they are unsure of what would be the best. The two of you can come to know each other better over a meal. If you want to slow it down a bit, make it two cups of coffee and a piece of cake at an old fashioned bakery. Dinner can be followed by a movie at the theater. Choose a movie in common agreement.

Instead of going out, you can cook a meal for your date and watch a movie at home. It adds a personal touch to the event. Also, the familiar surroundings make you comfortable.

2. A Nature Tour:

If you are a nature admirer, nothing beats a nature trail as a top idea for a first date for single seniors. This could be a short walk on a quaint street, a serene beach or through vistas of fruit-bearing trees. You can go for a romantic boat ride or a short nature hike (if it is not too demanding).

3. Go to the Games:

Men especially are passionate sports fans. It’s soccer, baseball or ice hockey. If your date is a sports fan, you can make the event memorable by inviting him or her to a game.

4. Picnic in the Park:

You can plan a romantic picnic at the park or beside a lake or pond. Pack a picnic basket including sandwiches, crisps and drinks. You should monitor the weather. Rain can ruin the best planned picnics.

5. A Cultural Sojourn:

If you or your date is a connoisseur of art, you can visit an art gallery or tour a museum. This is not a typical date idea. Therefore, take your partner’s opinion before you go ahead and plan the event. If you’re young at heart and dying to unleash the child in you, attend a street fair or carnival. It’s a great way to be yourself on your first date.

6. Winery Tour:

A tour to a local winery is an ideal first date idea for single seniors. Wineries attract a lot of adult crowd and hence, you and your date won’t feel out of place.

7. Musical Concert or a Stage Play:

You can also invite your first date to a musical concert or a stage-play. Again, find out what they would like so you can choose something that you will both enjoy together. Or alternatively, you could always plan a surprise! Look for good reviews and maybe gain the opinion of some of your musical or play loving friends.

How Online Dating Can Help You Find Love Again

32For men and women over 50 who find themselves single, dating can be a little bit daunting to say the least. Some may have lost a partner or finished a long term relationship but feel the time is right to look for friendship and love again and maybe desire a longer term relationship should they find the right person.

Match made in heaven

Online dating is not a new phenomenon; in fact a growing number of older people are finding their partners this way. It is often seen as a practical option to meet that someone special as you’re able to match your interests.

Modern dating websites make it simple for mature singles to narrow down their searches by location, by interest, by education; there are numerous choices. They’re able to achieve all of this from the comfort of their own home, send emails and take their time to find the person that’s right for them – whether they’re looking for fun friendship or romance.

Making new friends

Online dating for the mature market is becoming increasingly popular because for some it can be more difficult to get out and meet new people, especially when their previous life revolved around their partner and possibly children. Whilst we maintain some relationships with friends, these can often be fewer than in our younger days. And the friends we have may not be single and have family commitments so may not be available to go out as much.

With online dating for the over 50s, you know immediately who is single and looking for a relationship; no need to ask that awkward question at the bar or find you’ve spent half an hour talking to someone you like but they’re already attached.

Past baggage

It can be somewhat difficult as well due to acrimonious divorces on the one hand and as a widow(er) who feels so vulnerable and alone looking for a replacement, really wanting their partner back which is traumatic and impossible. The timing is therefore very important and it’s crucial not to jump into the dating game too early. The moment has to be right for the individual concerned but when the time comes, online dating can be used to find others that have been through a similar situation. At least there is a common understanding although a new love should be seen in their own right out of respect for every individual.

Embrace being over 50s

In short, dating should be fun. Being over 50 is to be enjoyed; it’s a chance to meet new friends, explore and share new passions. It’s an age in which can be filled with very enriching, rewarding experiences that you might not have had time for when you were younger due to work, home and personal commitments. Online dating helps to open a broad and wide social net giving the over 50s more opportunity than ever before to find their perfect mate.

My advice to you; make the most of getting back into the dating scene again. Take a relaxed view on the whole process, be patient but most of all be confident. If you have a thirst for life then others will want to be around you, will warm to you – and you to them. By being open minded and taking a genuine interest in others you could find yourself well on the way to living a life that you truly deserve with that special someone.

Are Mature People Better at Online Dating

3gLast year, it was announced that online dating for mature people over 50 and above had risen an astonishing 40%. In fact, over 50’s dating is the fastest growing group of internet dating site users according to industry research.

This has resulted in an incredible rise in websites catering solely for the over 50 demographic offering their services to the mature dater. Sites vary from directly calling themselves ‘Over50 dating’ to a more refined and romantic ‘Find Love Again’ marketing approach. What is evident is the sheer volume of these sites for 50 plus people looking for a match made in heaven.

But why is 50+ dating so popular?

One reason is the increased number of internet users over fifty. ‘Silver surfers’ is the most common term to describe this group who have become more accustomed to the use of information technology. It has even been said that in some case they even spend more time on their computers than the 18-24 demographic. This growing trend has led to a higher use of websites for online shopping, internet banking and social networking – where people over 50 can stay in constant contact with family members or people that live far away.

Indeed, increased use of the internet has opened up avenues of communication never before available for senior people. Consequently, this use has led to a higher level of independence and self-esteem.

A separate study analysing brain functions of senior citizens using the web, has found that computer usage has increased nerve function for this older group.

Further new research, based on a survey of almost 8000 mature men and women over fifty shows that regular users of social networking sites are almost a third less likely to be diagnosed with depression compared with non-users. Apparently online communication can make you happier.

Is this the main reason?

Or is it possible that online dating could be popular for another reason, perhaps? Maybe it’s all down to intelligence?

Raymond Cattell, the eminent psychologist, states that there are two types of intelligence: fluid and crystallised. Fluid intelligence is the ability to apply logic to problem solving, crystallised intelligence relates to knowledge gained by experience. Evidence has shown that crystallised intelligence gets better with age, and knowledge gained in the later years of a person’s life is better. Wisdom is accumulated easier, as well as verbal skills and negotiating skills.

Does this help to explain the rise of online dating for those over fifty? Are they just better at it than younger people due to their increased wisdom and people skills? Do they know how to handle the challenges of finding a potential partner better than younger people? Are they savvier when it comes to online romance? Do they know the score?

What do you think?

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Dating Tips For Middle Aged People

dcIf you are recently divorced or widowed, and are an aging boomer who hasn’t dated in years; if you can barely remember what dating was like except a fuzzy memory of being young, happy and free, then you may be wondering how dating at middle age is different. This article talks a little about dating for middle aged people.

I am almost 50 and was recently thrown back into the middle aged dating pool when my husband came out of the closet. While I was married I often missed dating since marriage usually seemed so predictable and boring. The idea of being chased by a new man and discovering everything about him seemed so much more exciting then yet another date night where my husband and I ran out of things to talk about since we had heard every story we ever had after 20 years.

I was unpleasantly surprised to find that there were a lot of bad things about dating that I had forgotten about when I started dating again:

1. Being judged on your looks
I was used to being judged at the store by what was in my wallet or at work by what was in my brain, but is had been WAY too long since I was judged on my looks. And those looks were not so great as 20 years ago!

2. Liking someone more than they like you
This is VERY painful and if you haven’t experienced it in many years and are still reeling with grief from a death or divorce it can cut like a knife.

3. No regular intimacy
Let’s face it, when you are married you get regular physical intimacy pretty much on demand, even if it is not that great it is still something.

4. Loneliness
You have to hope you get a date and if not you are faced with finding someone friend to do stuff with on the weekend or weeknight. I have found to be a great resource for me as well as a way to meet other middle aged singles who are in the same boat.

5. Courtship rules
It is best to go slow, even though you may want to go right back to where you were in your marriage while it was good. This means letting information about yourself out slowly and slowing down the dating process so you are not like a kid eating too much candy all at once and getting sick. If you are used to sharing everything with your spouse, this may feel strange. Also letting the guy pay may be weird. I found myself automatically grabbing for the check at the restaurant since I was the bookkeeper in my family. If you are a feminist and used to bossing men around at work, passively waiting to be asked out on a date may feel awful.

So what is new for us at middle aged that we have not forgotten about:

1. Online dating
There is a whole new world out there and it is like Facebook for daters. I thought as soon as I posted my profile I would be flooded with date offers. While that may be true for some, the offers are not always what you want. You have to have a lot of patience for the right date offer to come along.

2. Functionality issues
Let’s face it, everything does not work as well as it used to for men. This may be especially embarrassing on a date and will keep men from feeling comfortable going on a date. Men often think that dating way below their age will solve the problem, but this idea has it’s own set of problems such as commonality and whether to start another family.

3. Bad man to woman ratio
Men start to die off in middle aged, sadly, and this leaves way more women than men in the singles pool. By age 60 some estimates show there is 1 single man for every 2 women.