Older Women Dating Younger Men – “The Cougar Kind of Dating”

34It’s the dream of every man at some point in their lives to take up the challenge of dating someone much older than them. There’s that uncontrollable urge to try it out regardless, of whether it works out well or not. And this cannot be rated as abnormal especially if one feels up to it and loves the person despite the age gap between them. We most often see older women dating younger men as an act that society frowns upon and to a large extent refer to these older women as ‘COUGARS’,which denotes older women laying in wait to prey on much younger men. But with the recent upsurge of globalization, this act has as a matter of fact, received an appreciable level of tolerance.

Dating older women can come along with its added pros and cons, which can make the relationship work out just fine or end eventually. The reasons for dating older women may vary from one guy to the next; but in all this, the success of this relationship may be dependent on what one really wants. For instance, one may realize that older women have a more positive outlook and mindset when it comes to handling relationships. They have been there, done that and seen that! They know what they want and go all out for it. This is due to the fact that they’ve been through millions of relationships and have gained the requisite experience needed in handling future relationships. They are the kind of women who just want to have fun,enjoy life one step at a time and take it easy; so most often would go in for the ‘NO STRINGS ATTACHED’ kind of relationship. Now, most guys will love this since it’s a bit rather too hard for some of them to commit or be involved in something so serious leading to a life time commitment – marriage! It scares the hell out of them. Dating older women could also bring one some sort of stability when it comes to their finances. These women have lived most of their lives working hard and acquiring so much wealth over the years that, they wouldn’t mind sharing with their new found young love something every guy will love to have (Financial Stability).

Older women also tend to have a greater sense of confidence in relationships and are not afraid to let it show. They know what they want and go all out for it. Women who’ve got it all under control. But, with all these advantages stated, one is bound to come across some disadvantages too when it comes to choosing the path of dating older women. First of all, older women cannot and will not offer you the kind of long, lasting relationship you are searching for if you are that serious and stable kind of guy. You may wish to have a future with them and start a family, but trust me; they aren’t in a hurry to do that. They do not want any commitments or strings attached to any relationship because they’ve been through all of that before and it just didn’t really work out well for them. Don’t take it bad though, their just being cautious. Would want So If you are someone who’s now beginning life, getting ahead in your career and all of that, dating an older woman may so not be a good idea. There can be no commitments or seriousness attached to the relationship whereas you are looking for that platform to build and have a family of your own which may not be included in her plans.

Also, older women tend to go through a lot and end up carrying lots of baggage into their new relationships. The pressures associated with the ex- husband/ boyfriends, children( if they have any), divorce proceedings and dealing with it emotionally and psychologically, and a whole lot more can weigh down on your relationship and cause a hitch to take effect, which can lead to an eventual collapse of the relationship. Not sure any guy would want to put up with this. Furthermore, the stigma in society associated with dating older women could eventually break you down and leave you filled with regrets of engaging in the act. The society in which you find yourself may frown upon older women dating younger men; young enough to be their children and might end up giving you that ‘eerie look’, which can be quite uncomfortable. No one will like to be in a relationship which is opened or subjected to constant scrutiny and public viewing.

Moreover, older women have the tendency of being possessive and overly protective when it comes to their kind of relationship. They always want to be in control when it comes to decision making as well as other important aspects revolving around their relationships. Which guy would ever want to date a control freak? Guys want to have an upper hand when it comes to handling and dealing with their relationships and as such would probably never settle for women like this. In a nutshell, I will say that relationships can be fun and interesting regardless of the ages involved. It doesn’t necessarily have to be dependent on the age gap or difference. If you are the kind of guy who fancies dating older women, my advice to you will be, to go all out for it and make it WORK!!!