Are Mature People Better at Online Dating

3gLast year, it was announced that online dating for mature people over 50 and above had risen an astonishing 40%. In fact, over 50’s dating is the fastest growing group of internet dating site users according to industry research.

This has resulted in an incredible rise in websites catering solely for the over 50 demographic offering their services to the mature dater. Sites vary from directly calling themselves ‘Over50 dating’ to a more refined and romantic ‘Find Love Again’ marketing approach. What is evident is the sheer volume of these sites for 50 plus people looking for a match made in heaven.

But why is 50+ dating so popular?

One reason is the increased number of internet users over fifty. ‘Silver surfers’ is the most common term to describe this group who have become more accustomed to the use of information technology. It has even been said that in some case they even spend more time on their computers than the 18-24 demographic. This growing trend has led to a higher use of websites for online shopping, internet banking and social networking – where people over 50 can stay in constant contact with family members or people that live far away.

Indeed, increased use of the internet has opened up avenues of communication never before available for senior people. Consequently, this use has led to a higher level of independence and self-esteem.

A separate study analysing brain functions of senior citizens using the web, has found that computer usage has increased nerve function for this older group.

Further new research, based on a survey of almost 8000 mature men and women over fifty shows that regular users of social networking sites are almost a third less likely to be diagnosed with depression compared with non-users. Apparently online communication can make you happier.

Is this the main reason?

Or is it possible that online dating could be popular for another reason, perhaps? Maybe it’s all down to intelligence?

Raymond Cattell, the eminent psychologist, states that there are two types of intelligence: fluid and crystallised. Fluid intelligence is the ability to apply logic to problem solving, crystallised intelligence relates to knowledge gained by experience. Evidence has shown that crystallised intelligence gets better with age, and knowledge gained in the later years of a person’s life is better. Wisdom is accumulated easier, as well as verbal skills and negotiating skills.

Does this help to explain the rise of online dating for those over fifty? Are they just better at it than younger people due to their increased wisdom and people skills? Do they know how to handle the challenges of finding a potential partner better than younger people? Are they savvier when it comes to online romance? Do they know the score?

What do you think?

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You Need To Know What You Want First

dsWhen it comes to online dating, you must first ask yourself what you are looking for. Are you looking for someone to be your friend in hopes that something more develops. Are you into just a hook-up? Are you looking for your soul mate but realize that you’ll have to go through a number of people to find that match?

Some folks are shallow minded, they want someone with certain looks, height, physical attributes, and hair and eye color, someone nice to look at. Okay, but those are not what make a soul mate, you’ll need more than that. I was considering this issue as I over head a conversation where one gal was talking about her height with her taller friend, they both didn’t want a man shorter than them, because that might not look right. I was thinking that I am 5’10” so about 6-foot with my New Balance sneakers on. I can remember I used to like petite Blonde’s as a younger man, but in listening to their conversation, I thought to myself; I always wondered if shorter women were upset looking up the nostrils of their taller boyfriends or husbands?

So, maybe height does matter very much, but there are other important things to be cognizant of. Here is a potential list of deal breakers:

1. No Drama
2. No STDs
3. No Man-Haters
4. No Air Heads
5. No Lawyers
6. No Gold Diggers
7. No Drug Addicts
8. No Alcohol Abusers
10. No Negative Women

Perhaps, the rest of all the qualities “depend” on the individual you see? Good people are worthy of cutting slack, each individual is an assortment of their observations, experiences, education, genetics, and 5-closest friends. I guess that list and those items are probably common.

If you are jumping back into the dating scene and the whole idea of dating again sounds stressful because maybe it has been a long time and you are not even sure you want to go there, realize you really I don’t have a choice.

You are not alone in being leery about Online Dating, or uncertain about getting back out there again. Being single is a double-edged sword, total freedom, but at times you can tell something is missing. If all that sounds familiar, start making your list, you don’t have to publish it in an online dating profile, but keep it handy, too many red flags and you need to bug out, and think. Please consider all this.